what we do

Connecting suppliers and Borrowers.

Our main focus is to help structure and secure the borrowing and lending of goods between suppliers and their customers and at the same time help build lasting relationships between themselves.

Businesses are always looking for new ways to grow their sales. Business path is one such avenue that help businesses grow their sales by exploiting the benefits that come with credit sales. By securing the manner in which you lend, we help you lend more and by extension your sales revenue grows.

Credit Vetting.

Business Path helps you determine the credit worthiness of your potential borrowers helping you to avoid lending goods to individuals or businesses that are not credit worth.

Through business Path, we provide you with the credit score of your potential borrowers, based on their previous borrowing and how they paid previous loans. This helps you determine the maximum limit to which you can lend to an individual or to any business.

Credit Management.

Business Path provides a platform that enables lenders to put all their borrowers under the same roof. Business Path puts all the borrowers of a lender under the same page from which the lender is able to see the amount advanced, the date it was advanced, the due date and the borrowers contact information among other things.

Through the platform, the lender receives the borrowing request electronically, he can then approve or decline the request remotely without necessarily being at his shop. It saves you the hustle of carrying around a book with names and amounts owed which can be easily misplaced.

Follow-ups for Repayments.

Business Path sends automated repayment reminders to your borrowers when the due date approaches. These reminders saves you time as you do not have to call or manually send reminders. It also makes sure that there is no advance forgotten as all unpaid loans are visible.


Information sharing with Credit Reference bureaus.

As a means of last resort, we share information of any borrower that defaults their repayment with a Credit Reference Bureau. This makes sure that such borrowers will not be able to access more formal credit without paying what they owe any lender. Information sharing with credit Reference Bureaus is a means of protecting lenders and their money from serial defaulters. In addition, it helps build a history for you and your lender which will be used to gauge respective business performances.

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