The Platform

Business Path is a lending platform bringing Suppliers, Wholesalers, Retailers and their customers on the same platform for purposes of facilitating access of goods on credit. The platforms enables the lending and borrowing of goods and services in a secure and structured manner.

Business Path has 2 types of users; Lenders and Borrowers. Lenders subscribe to the platform on a monthly basis based on their needs and nature of business. The borrowers subscribe to the lenders outlet through a lenders code and are charged interest fees by the lender based on the amount borrowed in form of goods or services.

Through Business Path, a lender is able to score his credit customers and determine how much credit they qualify for. Once a lender determines how much they want to lend to a particular customer, they set a maximum limit, for an individual or business, to which they can borrow from their shop/outlet.

Benefits of Business Path

  • Secure and Structure your lending.
  • Have access to multiple sources of affordable credit.
  • Build lasting relationships with your customers or suppliers.

Each Lender is given a unique code . For example the Lender’s code for Friontop is 1101

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