About Business Path

Credit facilities plays a very important role in our businesses. Despite this, the charges and interest rates that come with the readily available facilities are usually too high for small businesses which need credit facilities the most. High cost of credit definitely eats into business profits and leads to businesses raising the price of commodities so as to cater for the cost of credit. It is such huge charges associated with financial borrowing that drove us to come up with an alternative way for small businesses to acquire credit.

Are you a supplier or retailer who offers you goods on credit? Do you have a secure and structured way of lending your goods or services? Would you extend more credit if you are assured of repayment from your borrowers? Would this help you move more goods and grow your sales revenues?

We are providing such lenders with a platform designed to help them manage their lending. In addition, it a solution that connects suppliers who can offer goods on credit to their customers. This provides an affordable avenue for small businesses to access convenient and cost effective credit.

About the Platform
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